Amazing hotel to stay with family!

The food is yummy that the service is excellent; everyone is genuinely friendly and always prepared to assist you with everything you want. The staff actually make you feel at home. The rooms are incredibly comfy and clean.

The shore was a bit cluttered, but they advised me it had been due to the rain, as there’s the Maragogi River when it rains the water onto the shore isn’t enjoy the pictures. However, they have many choices of leisure to enjoy your stay with family, as a couple or even a group of buddies.

Everyone had fun. The children loved the coqueirismo and zip line, game area, beach, and pool. The live music in the pool was quite high. Food was great, service was, and the rooms were fresh and very well preserved. So far as hotels go in Brazil, I do not believe that you can fail!

Great place to go for your kids. The infrastructure is actually, and I suggest staying in the brand-new flats they are building. Another highlight is that the wildlife surrounding the resort, with lots of creatures, which is an extreme pleasure for youngsters helping nurture their awareness of critters conservation.

ROOMS: I enjoyed where we ended up staying because it had been far away enough in the swimming pools in the order we had peace and quiet yet close to all that my children didn’t mess out walking about. The rooms are exceptionally WELL KEPT, super clean, but with no frills. We had a full bed and a twin bed, fairly spacious area, a TV, mini-bar with just water and a few sodas and a couple of snacks, a secure, a closet with a bath. Nothing fancy in any way. Not luxury, not contemporary, but completely fine for everything you want… I mean, that remains in the area anyway?

KIDS CLUBS: My children speak fluent Portuguese and had a wonderful time in the club. The screens are super friendly and amusing and make everybody feel at home. (I doubt they talk English though…) They recommended some snuba cozumel royal caribbean excursions for our family. The bands are broken up into 4-6yo and 7-12 year-olds, however, my 6yo ended up needing to be with the big kids and had a terrific time. They are beginning at 9am and go until 9:30pm, so there are lots of things happening all day and in the evening.

I compare it to some 3-trident CM. It is not complicated, not too diverse, but for Brazilians it functions. There are various sorts of legumes and rice every day, a huge salad bar, several kinds of veggies and fruits as well as fantastic seafood choices every day too. No distance left! Amazing place to stay.

Hot pool great breakfast

The resort is quite lovely, good dorm with a town or Mountain View, quite hot, fantastic service, great breakfast with a lot of variety. A terrible point is that you don’t have an excellent place to park your car always, it’s a little bit far from the center, but for us it was perfect, we could delight in the warm pool, jacuzzi, and sauna.

We have a case of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The great: service, views, and breakfast. The poor: you can hear all, individuals on different rooms, walking in the halls, on new flooring. The ugly: the hot tubs were really dirty, one was not functioning, the fitness center equipment is broken, the towels old and torn. Excellent location that screams to be kept correctly.

Outstanding personnel. The room given was very, and having a great view. We will be back! The wifi wasn’t so great but was told that the Internet service in the city has been something to be desired. However, with so many fantastic places to visit, it didn’t bother me overly much.

I truly loved the hotel. I loved the rooms, along with the breakfast area. It’s a charming hotel, nothing fancy but immaculate, and it’s all you need. The team was amazing – one of them recommended to check the trikes cozumel reviews for an amazing Mexican experience.

The resort was excellent in addition to the workers. The breakfast was”so good” a lot of alternatives. Nice heated pool. The only drawback was that sometimes we could get here to the other room’s television. Not sure if they had it up really loud or the sound only traveled readily, other then that we had a terrific stay. Would go back.

I was amazed. The room we were given was spacious and clean, breakfast was excellent and served until 11h (bonus points for this!), they had a sports court, and they also needed an indoor heated pool ideal for relaxing at the end of the day. I enjoyed the experience and urged the hotel.

Beautiful view

Our stay in the resort was, and your team made it amazing one team member deserves explicitly a thank you; she is an excellent advantage to your institution and has been a most outstanding benefit to our remain her title is Adriana Rabelo. Thank you for finding the very best stay.

This resort was beautiful.

Fantastic company, the meal was quite well. First Adriana was a translator, and she helped us to order our meals! She also suggested the mini sub underwater scooter cozumel in Mexico! Tiago about he had been superb. His support was excellent, along with his lovely smile. And Paulo is your ideal chef!

Very wonderful atmosphere. Beautiful view of the town. Small mall with a few choices for clothes and food. Not a huge deal to leave the location for several visits on town center along with other landmarks.

This was an excellent option! Correct place; outstanding TOP5 of Brazil restaurant in their rooftop. The service was exceptional (Glaucia at reception was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable), and we felt quite welcome.

Fantastic location, walk in the airport to the resort, this hotel is linked to the mall that’s joined to the resort. The room was nice and clean, the employees were quite friendly and helpful, the hotel restaurant opinion around the cover of the roof is excellent, but the quality of food is terrible. There’s a beautiful restaurant beside the resort that’s great along with a food court. I would not advise eating in the resort. The rooftop pool is quite impressive.

From our 4 resorts in Brazil that were undoubtedly the best. Nothing harmful in any way. This was to the criteria of the USA and Europe. Great two-night stay.

Awesome people work here

We spent night and day in the Ibis together with our little service dog. Not only did they cure us, but they also put a puppy bowl at our area and utterly free chocolate for us. I suggest this hotel because of the fantastic staff, the beautiful clean rooms, comfy bed and place to airport and car rental cannot be beaten.

She informed us where to acquire the free cab ( Co-op taxis) from external arrivals, and sure enough, there was an entire line of cars waiting out there. This is a two minute trip to the hotel that’s just a stone throw away from the airport however over a 6 lane street so that you take your life in your hands to arrive if you opt to walk!

Check in was fast and incredibly friendly, and we’re in our room in 10 minutes before leaving the airport. The shower following morning was brilliant, a strong jet of hot weather after which we went to breakfast. Have a look at was quick at check-in and we’re out and in another cab and back in the airport before you can say “Bob’s your uncle”. This time around the fare price ten Brazilian Real. A deal in anyone’s money. If we ever find ourselves in this portion of the earth again, we wouldn’t hesitate in staying in this hotel. Also, one member of the staff suggested the cozumel mexico atv tours in Mexico!

A fantastic value close to the airport. Enjoyed the hamburger at the restaurant that opens at 7pm in the day. So, I would suggest being there in a launch or much afterward as by 730 seemed to be a substantial delay in receiving your meals. I waited for a baroque period there directly at 7pm.

The high degree of commitment to the client from the internet booking with timely follow-ups and pre-check-in via the internet to quicken accommodation. Employees are attentive and helpful, rooms clean and net, excellent site. Breakfast, though billed individually, was varied and incredibly abundant.

This Resort is an excellent alternative for people who are traveling because it is near the airport, you will find comfy lodging, fantastic breakfast with different dishes bread, ham, cheese, fruits, and yogurt. I strongly suggest it!

Simple and delightful

Fernando Junior’s Lobster House has been everything we had hoped for! The ambiance was magical with small white lights and candles burning on each table. We also tried the key lime pie which is divine. Right across the street from the Westin and Playa Azul. Highly recommend!

The lobster is the finest I have ever had! They consider the Lobster for you just like old times. Be sure you ask for Jimmy and have him bring out the props for a fantastic photo op!

We enjoyed our dinner in Fernando Jr’s Lobster House. You don’t always find great steak on the staircase, but this was quite tasty… an incredible thickness, good taste, seasoned appropriately and grilled to the amount I wanted. Fernando recommended us the snorkeling in cozumel tours near to the hotel we stayed in.

The lobster was yummy, too! :-RRB- Service was excellent, and they even brought us a complimentary shot of an incredibly delicious liqueur–banana, I think. Yum!

My fiance and I’ve seen Cozumel 4 occasions in the past couple of years and eating yummy mouth-watering lobster at Fernando Jr’s Lobster House is always tops on our list of places to dine… usually twice a trip! The lobster is still refreshing, you choose the tail you want to be cooked so you can go as big or little as you want… yes, I usually pick a monster!

My fiancee is a vegetarian, and they are always pleased to prepare some delicious pasta to accommodate her tastes. Fernando is almost always a friendly, enjoyable host and then there is Jimmy. He is on top of everything ensuring all our dining room needs are satisfied and that we have a great time! I highly recommend this location for anybody visiting Cozumel.

My wife was told from the bellman at our hotel to visit the first one across the street for good lobster. He was not erroneous. One of the most magnificent lobsters I’ve ever had, and I’ve had them in Maine! Fernando was a wonderful host! He talked to us while we appreciated very reasonable priced drinks about his time in Cozumel. He will never leave, and that is great as next time we’re here, we’ll go back to the restaurant. Funky, fun, relaxing place to start, complete or throughout your vacation.

Amazing service

The Manager Aurora and the team are fantastic, A real advantage to this restaurant. They never stop working and love to get the crowd involved in the fun. The beverage and food are delicious. The service is superb. I always stay in to get a fresh Margarita. See you soon Amiga.

We had been on a cruise with family and ceased in Bubba Gump to make the most of their beach access. The beach activities were fantastic, and the kids all had a great time. I am not a big drinker, and it’s highly unusual that I could drink 2 margaritas plus a daiquiri without feeling some sort of effect from them, but that’s what occurred. Some guy there suggested the family try the jeep tour in cozumel as a main activity in the island.

As your cruise arrives, if you are excursions and wondering what to do get over to Bubba shrimp in Cozumel cruise terminal. Fernando will be waiting to greet you and will function you amazing will swim, snorkel and use the sea inflatables an at no extra expense. Live music Latin style, great food, great cocktails – do not miss it.

When your cruise is coming from if you’re excursion-less and wondering what to do – get over to Bubba Shrimp at Cozumel cruise terminal. Fernando will be waiting to greet you with an impressive cocktail list and a fantastic food menu.

You can use the shore, the sea inflatables, and the snorkel gear at no extra charge. Cocktails, Sun, sea and LIVE Latin Music – do not miss this ideal setting!

It is fantastic for what it is – I mean, that goes on a cruise to Mexico only to eat at a Bubba Gump? The menus restricted compared to what you would find in the states BUT the service is impeccable, and the food & parts you get are ample and full of flavor.

Cool place. Very fresh shrimp and fish which was excellent – I mean, you can readily get guacamole and ceviche in a fraction of the prices here just beyond the port but to get something near your boat you’re paying for the advantage! (Also 20% off for Crew Members with fantastic wifi which is a plus).

Small restaurant but big flavor

Although the area has just two outdoor tables and about three indoor dining table and a little menu, it supplied strong flavor. My team ordered several items to share, and the group split on its own favorites but were superb. Although the area provided two distinct sauces to add extra flavor, each piece had a big taste on its own. The staff was very personable, and the support was excellent.

Good margaritas (try the smoked! or the coconut). All of us ordered lobster rolls or bowls and weren’t disappointed. Well, I must have done the dual lobster:-RRB- Our waiter was super fast with our drinks and food and we enjoyed the outdoor table. Do not allow the appearance of this area fool you – it is simple but yummy!

My wife and I were in Cozumel, and we had been craving lobster. We had heard about the Lobster Shack. Therefore, we decided to try it for lunch. We had the quite excellent lobster roll. The owners were very cool, and it was an enjoyable experience. They talked to us about some fly fishing cozumel flats we want to try. I’d certainly go there again possibly for dinner. It’s tiny but a fantastic little spot to discover. The same owners have a taco place next door that we wish to test next time.

Interesting sidewalk lunch with lobster. What could be better? YUM! The cute (little ) area to eat while walking around town. Service is excellent, and the food is delicious!

This is a tiny place, with fantastic food. The menu is easy… shrimp, lobster, chopped beef. We have had it all, and it is all excellent. If the shack is full w/ people, go next door for their taco restaurant and ask to purchase lobster shack menu. You can not fail at either location!

We walked into the Lobster restaurant out of our resort in Cozumel – it was a gorgeous evening walk. The food was phenomenal – the lobster the sweetest taste I have ever taste. The mariachi band sang happy birthday to another couple linking us. The service was excellent, fast, and also the cost for a dinner of 4 was probably what a dinner for two prices at Red Lobster in the US. Kudos to the owners for such a fantastic restaurant! Don’t miss this chance and take cash no card has been approved.

Loved this place! I went with 10 individuals. The man that ran the place was super nice. Put a table together for all. Had several distinct plates. Everything was great. Super yummy and clean. Fantastic support. I need to when in Cozumel.

What an amazing place!

The animators did a fantastic job maintaining the energy level high and getting everybody involved, and the displays were quite lively and entertaining. Big shoutout to Margarita and Edgar who traveled out of the way to be sure my children had fun. It had been excellent to snorkel right off the resort beach, and we loved the food too. Fantastic trip!

My spouse and I just returned, our next trip. We totally loved it and had a really wonderful time! To begin with, the support and folks there are friendly, warm and really go out of the way to ensure that you are well cared for. Everybody is calm, calm, sweet and attentive, yet work really difficult to be sure to get a pleasant stay and that each and every detail has been taken care of. Throughout our ten day stay, we heard one crossword or struck one lousy mindset. We were not aggravated after by anybody or anything! While everybody was terrific, Wilbert stood as the best host (breakfast and lunch) you might have! What a fantastic man! He also suggested the discover scuba cozumel tour near the shore. Sounds interesting!

In general, the hotel is beautiful and thoroughly cared for. Every shrub, shrub, and item of plant is trimmed and well cared for. At night, I truly appreciated the light throughout the hotel. Additionally, it helps that the weather was perfect the whole time and the water was clean and warm.

For me, what really causes this hotel stand out is your diving. If you’re a diver, you can not beat with the Dressel Divers dive shop on the market. Between each dip, we get to return to the hotel, have a brief break, and return. The team and dive masters are wonderful. Julia behind the countertops in addition to the two other women (I forget their names) did a superb job of reserving our dives and are friendly, attentive and warm. The ship captains and mates were excellent, and the men that filled the tanks and took good care of the gear did a fantastic job. You might even get certified here and take improvement classes too (we required the Nitrox Certification).

Of all of the other sailors I spoke to, they said you couldn’t conquer the diving. Fantastic company, brief excursions to the world, fantastic dive masters, and artificial reefs and diving requirements make it perfect for the diver. 1 diver said that he’s been throughout the world diving and returns to the hotel since it’s the ideal.

Everything was excellent, and front desk and celebrity prestige staff were so friendly and useful. The diving was great. Some things that stood from YOGA with Erika was superb! The SHOWS were terrific with all the very best Entertainment Supervisor – GILMER… who will also throw and dance a Fire Stick – remarkable! The food was better than Lindo that’s hard – that the restaurant staff was so pleasant, particularly Amando!

A particular thanks to Erika out of Iberostar who helped arrange everything for us (I highly recommend to anyone planning to cover for Star Prestige – it’s well worth it + you receive a comprised massage)! I strongly recommend this hotel… it’s a beautiful size, and everything was just perfect! We will be back!

Vacation At Playa Azul

I would read many of the reviews before choosing to remain here for a week at the beginning of November. During my stay, the hotel was mostly deserted as we had been there at the end of the low season. This was wonderful for us as we felt like we owned the place.

The staff was very attentive and brought us drinks instantly. The beach chairs were quite comfortable. I would read a couple of previous reviews that complained about the”rocky beach area.” It does not rock, it is coral, lol, which is precisely what the whole island is constructed from. Therefore don’t let that frighten you away from this jewel.

The breakfast, which was included, was beautiful daily. The coffee was fresh, and the orange juice was freshly squeezed.

There is a recreational area next door that has zip lines and water sports. Unfortunately, this was just for cruise ship travelers. I was a little frustrated when I asked the front desk about the recreational place that they didn’t inform me it was only for cruise ship travelers. They had to have known. Instead of it, they suggested other activities to do such as fishing in cozumel that turned out a very exciting adventure. Thank you!

I would certainly stay here again! Don’t forget to check out the large tree in front of the resort. There are dozens of turtles around the tree which you can feed. Simply ask the kitchen for scrap fruit, and they’ll provide you a bag full which the turtles come running for! It is pretty funny.

There are several restaurants within walking distance. However, if you want to go to the center, you’ll need to have a 95 peso cab ride. Purchase pesos!

Had a PERFECT 7th return here remain last week and can’t compliment the superb staff. Not sure how it might even be possible for any of these to be some nicer – more accommodating- loving – outgoing- professional- that I consider my 2nd family.

Best ever Burrito!

At first sight, you would not know this place in as amazing as it is! “In Trip Advisor we trust!” We had a terrific lunch with a great waitress. The area is a bit off the first drag, but a brief walk from the pier and main town square. Love this location – it’s terrific for right burritos. We had the mad burrito with beef and shrimp, and it was delicious! BUENO!

I usually do not like Burritos – but we always stop here every time we see CZM. I get the Chicken Tinga, it just melts in your mouth. The team is friendly, and the beer is cold! I don’t finish the entire Burrito – It gets it to go along with its still fabulous that night to get a late night snack…

The burritos are fresh and flavorful, The place handy and easy to find and also this family-run shop filled with friendly employees. We were in Cozumel for six days, and when we discovered them, they turned into our move to the lunch spot. We asked some people for playa del carmen snorkeling places and they recommended us a family-owned tours company.

My husband and I chose to break away from our large group and attempt Crazy King Burrito based on reviews. We love visiting small establishments similar to this, and Crazy King was on stage. We enjoyed our meals and service. Thanks to this fabulous burritos!

My husband and I had the shrimp burrito, and we cannot rave enough about it. The shrimp were cooked, and the extras (beans, rice, cheese) only made this among the best burritos ever. We enjoyed our meals sitting outside, drinking a cold beer. We highly recommend this small restaurant.

That is what I believed. I found this Jewel in trip advisor, and there was 9 of us from a cruise boat. Man o man was it directly! All nine of us LOVED our lunch! That was exactly how great this place is! The staff and owner were absolutely great also!

Arrived under the heat of the day. The restaurant was initially empty. Greeted by a friendly hostess as soon as we entered. Took a chair at a table outside. The owner was present, he showed us samples of the various sizes we could dictate.