The food is yummy that the service is excellent; everyone is genuinely friendly and always prepared to assist you with everything you want. The staff actually make you feel at home. The rooms are incredibly comfy and clean.

The shore was a bit cluttered, but they advised me it had been due to the rain, as there’s the Maragogi River when it rains the water onto the shore isn’t enjoy the pictures. However, they have many choices of leisure to enjoy your stay with family, as a couple or even a group of buddies.

Everyone had fun. The children loved the coqueirismo and zip line, game area, beach, and pool. The live music in the pool was quite high. Food was great, service was, and the rooms were fresh and very well preserved. So far as hotels go in Brazil, I do not believe that you can fail!

Great place to go for your kids. The infrastructure is actually, and I suggest staying in the brand-new flats they are building. Another highlight is that the wildlife surrounding the resort, with lots of creatures, which is an extreme pleasure for youngsters helping nurture their awareness of critters conservation.

ROOMS: I enjoyed where we ended up staying because it had been far away enough in the swimming pools in the order we had peace and quiet yet close to all that my children didn’t mess out walking about. The rooms are exceptionally WELL KEPT, super clean, but with no frills. We had a full bed and a twin bed, fairly spacious area, a TV, mini-bar with just water and a few sodas and a couple of snacks, a secure, a closet with a bath. Nothing fancy in any way. Not luxury, not contemporary, but completely fine for everything you want… I mean, that remains in the area anyway?

KIDS CLUBS: My children speak fluent Portuguese and had a wonderful time in the club. The screens are super friendly and amusing and make everybody feel at home. (I doubt they talk English though…) They recommended some snuba cozumel royal caribbean excursions for our family. The bands are broken up into 4-6yo and 7-12 year-olds, however, my 6yo ended up needing to be with the big kids and had a terrific time. They are beginning at 9am and go until 9:30pm, so there are lots of things happening all day and in the evening.

I compare it to some 3-trident CM. It is not complicated, not too diverse, but for Brazilians it functions. There are various sorts of legumes and rice every day, a huge salad bar, several kinds of veggies and fruits as well as fantastic seafood choices every day too. No distance left! Amazing place to stay.