The Manager Aurora and the team are fantastic, A real advantage to this restaurant. They never stop working and love to get the crowd involved in the fun. The beverage and food are delicious. The service is superb. I always stay in to get a fresh Margarita. See you soon Amiga.

We had been on a cruise with family and ceased in Bubba Gump to make the most of their beach access. The beach activities were fantastic, and the kids all had a great time. I am not a big drinker, and it’s highly unusual that I could drink 2 margaritas plus a daiquiri without feeling some sort of effect from them, but that’s what occurred. Some guy there suggested the family try the jeep tour in cozumel as a main activity in the island.

As your cruise arrives, if you are excursions and wondering what to do get over to Bubba shrimp in Cozumel cruise terminal. Fernando will be waiting to greet you and will function you amazing will swim, snorkel and use the sea inflatables an at no extra expense. Live music Latin style, great food, great cocktails – do not miss it.

When your cruise is coming from if you’re excursion-less and wondering what to do – get over to Bubba Shrimp at Cozumel cruise terminal. Fernando will be waiting to greet you with an impressive cocktail list and a fantastic food menu.

You can use the shore, the sea inflatables, and the snorkel gear at no extra charge. Cocktails, Sun, sea and LIVE Latin Music – do not miss this ideal setting!

It is fantastic for what it is – I mean, that goes on a cruise to Mexico only to eat at a Bubba Gump? The menus restricted compared to what you would find in the states BUT the service is impeccable, and the food & parts you get are ample and full of flavor.

Cool place. Very fresh shrimp and fish which was excellent – I mean, you can readily get guacamole and ceviche in a fraction of the prices here just beyond the port but to get something near your boat you’re paying for the advantage! (Also 20% off for Crew Members with fantastic wifi which is a plus).