Our stay in the resort was, and your team made it amazing one team member deserves explicitly a thank you; she is an excellent advantage to your institution and has been a most outstanding benefit to our remain her title is Adriana Rabelo. Thank you for finding the very best stay.

This resort was beautiful.

Fantastic company, the meal was quite well. First Adriana was a translator, and she helped us to order our meals! She also suggested the mini sub underwater scooter cozumel in Mexico! Tiago about he had been superb. His support was excellent, along with his lovely smile. And Paulo is your ideal chef!

Very wonderful atmosphere. Beautiful view of the town. Small mall with a few choices for clothes and food. Not a huge deal to leave the location for several visits on town center along with other landmarks.

This was an excellent option! Correct place; outstanding TOP5 of Brazil restaurant in their rooftop. The service was exceptional (Glaucia at reception was super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable), and we felt quite welcome.

Fantastic location, walk in the airport to the resort, this hotel is linked to the mall that’s joined to the resort. The room was nice and clean, the employees were quite friendly and helpful, the hotel restaurant opinion around the cover of the roof is excellent, but the quality of food is terrible. There’s a beautiful restaurant beside the resort that’s great along with a food court. I would not advise eating in the resort. The rooftop pool is quite impressive.

From our 4 resorts in Brazil that were undoubtedly the best. Nothing harmful in any way. This was to the criteria of the USA and Europe. Great two-night stay.