Although the area has just two outdoor tables and about three indoor dining table and a little menu, it supplied strong flavor. My team ordered several items to share, and the group split on its own favorites but were superb. Although the area provided two distinct sauces to add extra flavor, each piece had a big taste on its own. The staff was very personable, and the support was excellent.

Good margaritas (try the smoked! or the coconut). All of us ordered lobster rolls or bowls and weren’t disappointed. Well, I must have done the dual lobster:-RRB- Our waiter was super fast with our drinks and food and we enjoyed the outdoor table. Do not allow the appearance of this area fool you – it is simple but yummy!

My wife and I were in Cozumel, and we had been craving lobster. We had heard about the Lobster Shack. Therefore, we decided to try it for lunch. We had the quite excellent lobster roll. The owners were very cool, and it was an enjoyable experience. They talked to us about someĀ fly fishing cozumel flats we want to try. I’d certainly go there again possibly for dinner. It’s tiny but a fantastic little spot to discover. The same owners have a taco place next door that we wish to test next time.

Interesting sidewalk lunch with lobster. What could be better? YUM! The cute (little ) area to eat while walking around town. Service is excellent, and the food is delicious!

This is a tiny place, with fantastic food. The menu is easy… shrimp, lobster, chopped beef. We have had it all, and it is all excellent. If the shack is full w/ people, go next door for their taco restaurant and ask to purchase lobster shack menu. You can not fail at either location!

We walked into the Lobster restaurant out of our resort in Cozumel – it was a gorgeous evening walk. The food was phenomenal – the lobster the sweetest taste I have ever taste. The mariachi band sang happy birthday to another couple linking us. The service was excellent, fast, and also the cost for a dinner of 4 was probably what a dinner for two prices at Red Lobster in the US. Kudos to the owners for such a fantastic restaurant! Don’t miss this chance and take cash no card has been approved.

Loved this place! I went with 10 individuals. The man that ran the place was super nice. Put a table together for all. Had several distinct plates. Everything was great. Super yummy and clean. Fantastic support. I need to when in Cozumel.