This is a cute spot in the town of Cozumel. Seriously made the best Mojitos I have ever needed. It was HUGE and just 7 USD. The mint was really refreshing. My buddies had the quesadilla and tacos and believed they were excellent also! I highly recommend it.

Terrific small restaurant a half block away from the waterfront. Really colorful decor and delectable meals. Outstanding guacamole. Generous portions. My son had three tacos, also took 2 of them home since he had been complete. He ate another two after that evening. The waiter suggested to try theĀ fly fishing riviera maya mexico trip with our family. You can not go wrong here.

It was a fantastic choice.

We sat out. The friendly employees answered questions, made recommendations and frequently assessed on our pride. Everything was fantastic, and the margaritas were rather tasty.

Our dive store in Minneapolis advocated this place to us, and we’re thankful they did. It is located only barely a block from the shore and wouldn’t be a place we’d stop it. It had been wonderful.

We had the poblano tasting dish which comprised 3 chicken enchiladas, and two stuffed poblano peppers,1 with 1 and cheese with ground meat.

Love this place. The demo was magnificent, and the food was quite yummy. It is a little spot on a side road just off the waterfront. Most of this dining table is about the sidewalk out, and it’s well and colorfully done. The girl who waited on us (I believe that the owner) was quite charming and careful and spoke outstanding English. It’s on the other side for Cozumel however we had enough leftover for lunch the following day.