Fernando Junior’s Lobster House has been everything we had hoped for! The ambiance was magical with small white lights and candles burning on each table. We also tried the key lime pie which is divine. Right across the street from the Westin and Playa Azul. Highly recommend!

The lobster is the finest I have ever had! They consider the Lobster for you just like old times. Be sure you ask for Jimmy and have him bring out the props for a fantastic photo op!

We enjoyed our dinner in Fernando Jr’s Lobster House. You don’t always find great steak on the staircase, but this was quite tasty… an incredible thickness, good taste, seasoned appropriately and grilled to the amount I wanted. Fernando recommended us theĀ snorkeling in cozumel tours near to the hotel we stayed in.

The lobster was yummy, too! :-RRB- Service was excellent, and they even brought us a complimentary shot of an incredibly delicious liqueur–banana, I think. Yum!

My fiance and I’ve seen Cozumel 4 occasions in the past couple of years and eating yummy mouth-watering lobster at Fernando Jr’s Lobster House is always tops on our list of places to dine… usually twice a trip! The lobster is still refreshing, you choose the tail you want to be cooked so you can go as big or little as you want… yes, I usually pick a monster!

My fiancee is a vegetarian, and they are always pleased to prepare some delicious pasta to accommodate her tastes. Fernando is almost always a friendly, enjoyable host and then there is Jimmy. He is on top of everything ensuring all our dining room needs are satisfied and that we have a great time! I highly recommend this location for anybody visiting Cozumel.

My wife was told from the bellman at our hotel to visit the first one across the street for good lobster. He was not erroneous. One of the most magnificent lobsters I’ve ever had, and I’ve had them in Maine! Fernando was a wonderful host! He talked to us while we appreciated very reasonable priced drinks about his time in Cozumel. He will never leave, and that is great as next time we’re here, we’ll go back to the restaurant. Funky, fun, relaxing place to start, complete or throughout your vacation.